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SeasoningA variety of sweet, savory, soups, seasoning powder retain the original flavor of fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. Fully retain the original flavor and seasoned flavor of food. It can be extracted from a variety of fragrance oil in accordance with the requirements of customers.
Retort pouch foodsWith healthy and reasonable mix of a variety of ingredients, the products are packed into small packages at high temperature and high pressure sterilization. Pour them in the rice or noodles as a seasoning, and more to improve the flavor of food.
Concentrated vegetable juicesSelect the traceable fresh vegetable cultivated on the base, use the advanced machinery and equipment and take the best processing technology, concentrating process on fresh ingredients by the guide of Japanese experts to extract the essence of the vegetables and retain maximum nutritional content of the product with mellow flavor. Use for a variety of seasoning products.
Drying seasoningDrying seasoning is produced by using a variety of fresh vegetables as ingredients, process by FD drying process, retain maximum original nutrients and flavor of vegetables. Fully reproduce the delicacy of fresh ingredients. Use for vegetables packet for in a variety of seasonings.
Frozen vegetablesFrozen vegetables have good reduction, basically maintain the original color, smell, taste, shape and nutrients. After frozing the vegetables, in addition to containing a large amount of water, it also contains the soluble nutrients such as inorganic salts, organic acids, sugar and bone glue. Use for a variety of prepared foods.
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