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Production equipment

To make the products meet the international quality standards, the company operators persistently pursue and make unremitting efforts, and introduce advanced equipment from Japanese, American and domestic well-known manufacturers, thus becoming a food processing enterprise not inferior to the Japanese Head Office.

Spray dryer

Spray dryer can spray the liquid material in a spray form with a special device and make it dry upon contacting with the hot air. It’s used for drying sime heat-sensitive liquid, suspension liquid and viscous liquid. It has advantages of fast-drying, good uniformity, high mobility and solubility, purity and good quality, simplified production process.


Serial steam distillation device

Serial steam distillation device can form aroma under vacuum by a special technology, and move along the surface of thin liquid level to gather the volatile elements. Aroma is separated at the top of the cylinder and formed into aroma original liquid through compressing and contact with liquid. It can also separate and recycle aroma by steam flow to retain the natural flavor of ingredients and make up for this shortfall of ordinary skill in failure of remaining pure flavor.


Filling Equipment

By multiple packaging technology, providing the small bag filling for processed products.


Concentration device

At low temperature under vacuum, it can evaporate the water, concentrat the fruit and vegetable juice at different concentration according to different needs to retain the original nutrition, flavor and color of fruits and vegetables.


UHT sterilizer

Ultra high-temperature sterilize the products by UHT sterilization technique.


High temperature and high pressure sterilizer

It can cook food by cooking process(high temperature and high pressure sterilization)


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